BM traffic dropped sharply

Jul 26 09:03 [raw]

I concur, our enemy is not the NSA, however they are not our friend. So long as a particularly stupid country runs their number station on the public BM chans, the NSA have all the reason they need to keep BM open as a line of intel collecting. What we have to keep in mind is that the Kremlin's trolls are here too. Yes, it is likely that the chans have operatives griefing us all, most likely the 411 dude who claims to own the 411 chan. Also it is likely that the shitlords who have been dictionary oracle trolling the chans are in fact secret service gimps. The highly organised nature of the shitposting would indicate the secret service of either russia, or america. What is unclear is whether the russian chans had the same level of attacks happening, but it should be a case of review on beamstat.

[chan] 411

Subject Last Count
Dual feed astern turbine Jan 26 15:38 1
Investment fund for quadrupole doublet Jan 26 15:36 1