Satellite Hoax

Jul 9 16:50 [raw]

"According to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, 97% of all intercontinental data is carried via such cables. " 97% of all intercontinental Internet data goes through submarine cables -- not satellites. There are thousands of "communications" satellites supposedly in orbit yet none of them form a significant part of intercontinenal communications. This is because the existence of satellites is a hoax.

Jul 9 17:25 [raw]

Alright, makes me ask the question....what is the other 3%?

Jul 9 18:53 [raw]

Anything to keep from absorbing the actual point. I get it.

Jul 10 02:01 [raw]

Nope, you blindly accept things without asking questions? Maybe that is your problem. If 97% is done with cables, then how is the other 3% done? You sheeple just take whatever is dished out and I was taught to ask questions. The "actual point" is something I agree on, there is no way that 100% intercontinental communications is done with satellites, the lag would be horrible. I doubt that very much is done domestically with satellites for the same reason. Most television transmissions are done with satellites, how do I know this? Mainly by the television stations with dishes pointed at the sky, unless this is also just for show.

Jul 10 18:32 [raw]

You are assuming satellites exist. That is an assumption. We have cold, hard evidence that thousands of ground-base dishes are pointed at the sky to bounce signals back to the ground at all points around the world. Those are your "satellites."

Jul 15 03:40 [raw]

Please feel free to show us the physics formula for that. If not, shut up.

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