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Ride ~~~~ take a ride my son, take a ride let the wind blow your hair and eyes pass the pastures and nose smell the air and ears hear the music in a warm summers past by marquees faintly glowing by storefronts painted glass by farmyards grazing animals in summers travelling bye so very, very fast take a ride my son, take a ride let the miles move your thoughts and mind rest at peace and soul guide at rocks and body stop to feast in a warm summers night while we travel a concrete road while we follow a gleaming light while we touch a familiar face in summers travelling bye so fast, far from sight take a ride my son, take a ride let the warmth raise your spirit and take you away and show you to fly and hold the euphoria in a warm summers day as the wind blows your hair as the work feels like play as the hour lends another turn in summers travelling bye you are riding my son, for tomorrow and today -- Greg Schilling, 1994

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