Star Wars fans?

May 6 12:14 [raw]

I am sharing a project that I have been working on for years to gather all of the digital elements of the Star Wars universe. This includes the obvious movies, comics, music, and TV shows, but also includes trailers, posters, fan edits, articles, interviews, magazines, video games, and fan contributions including podcasts, films, and fiction. There are thousands of files and terabytes of data involved. I have been working on this for decades and have gathered items from all over and will never be able to gather it and catagorize it without some help. I will be publishing a torrent soon with the 500 files and 30 gb for just "A New Hope" and will probably share the entire archive via Syncthing so people can stay current. This may not be the ideal forum for this, but I want to stay anon. If you wish to talk, help, criticize, or whatever then just reply here or send a message to

May 6 12:59 [raw]

Also have a channel set up - GrafArchive (BM-2cUM94Pq2jriryDt87Z3aTJL77Wg6Q1FBm)

May 6 20:15 [raw]

Interesting. Star Wars was predictive programming propaganda to brainwash people into believing in satanic "force" religion and outer space hoax. It caused millions to believe in the freemason religion of "deep space" and "will to power." Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil were both Jewish trannies. Millions of children were esposed to this licentiousness. This is how the illuminist deep state predictively brainwashes you to believe in their hoaxes: moon landings, nuclear weapons, universal consciousness, and other devilish ideas. Why would you commemorate such evil? Star Wars should be burned, not archived.

May 6 20:29 [raw]

Fisher took all sorts of pills almost lost it one time

May 6 20:43 [raw]

Nothing that ever came out of Hollywood has any value. It was all propaganda, from day one. To destroy the Christian faith the Khazar freemasons invented these hoax ideas and brainwashed children to believe in them: moon landings globe earth outer space, big bang, evolution, socialism, nazism, ecumenicalism, new age, conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, diversity none of these ideas have any basis in real science. they are all astroturf hoaxes. you are taught to believe in them from kindergarten, so you think anyone who dissents from these ideas is "crazy." There is a God. He made the heaven and earth. He made man in the earth. Man ate the serpent's lies and death came to man. God knew this would happen and made a way for man to escape through Christ the Lord. The Khazars hate God. They want to be a "collective god" and destroy all the other races that God created. They make war against you by poisoning your mind so they can rule over your people. This is reality. That is the real evil empire. The real Darth Vader wears a suit and tie and speaks swelling words of vanity.

May 6 20:51 [raw]

greatest astroturf hoax ever: The Hollywood HoloHoax film myth extortion scheme. holohoax never existed outside of film studios

May 6 20:52 [raw]


May 6 21:13 [raw]

It's a testament to my mediocre memory that I did not include this in the original list. Thank you for reminding me. I suppose the slogan "never forget" didn't work on my brain because I surely did forget. If everyone forgot about the holocaust narrative it would be a much better world. Some real holocausts: Ukrainian Holodomor: 11 million starved to death by Jesuit Stalin. Armenian Genocide: 1.5 million Armenians exterminated by the Ottoman Turks. WWII: 45 million Germans died in a astroturf war started by Zionist Jews and Jesuit Hitler, Jesuit Stalin, and Catholic agent Roosevelt. Bolshevik Genocide: 20 million Russian Christians slaughtered by the Jewish and Jesuit Bolsheviks and Soviet regime. Red China Genocide: 60 million Chinese butchered by Mao and the Red Chinese. Inquisition: More than 200 million Europeans tortured to death by Jewish and Jesuit Catholic inquisitors.

May 6 22:09 [raw]

You may think you will get to me insulting what I like, or the actors that had roles in the films, but you will not. I have dealt with people slamming it for 4 decades now so you are not the first, nor will you be the last. Besides that, what does the moon landing (or lack thereof), nuclear weapons, or anything else you mentioned have anything to do with a fantasy story. I don't have a "belief" in it as a religion anymore than I believe that the Elves in Rivendell travel to the Grey Havens, or you step through a wardrobe and travel to a forest in Narnia. It is a franchise that I have followed for most of my life, and will continue to regardless of whatever "facts" are thrust upon me. How about this instead of slamming it for no benefit, you just move on, delete my message, and chose another avenue for your apparent outrage. If you chose to outrage yourself over this fantasy story, then consider this a way of archiving the "evil" so you may learn techniques they have used that you were unaware of. That is, of course, assuming you don't already know everything.

May 6 22:28 [raw]

yeah itz funny how Mao could not quite pull it off. but by this time chinaman rulez the wurlde fuck Mao the dumbass. what's so hard about putting everyone in China to work and become #1 ?

May 6 23:07 [raw]

Fantasy stories have psychological consequences for those who passively imbibe them. Star wars was designed to brainwash people, especially youth, into accepting the masonic religion's view of the universe. It is religious brainwashing disguised as a story. All the hollywood movies have an underlying agenda to psychologically condition viewers to a certain perception.

May 6 23:08 [raw]

Population control is always part of the aristocratic agenda.

May 7 00:28 [raw]

I enjoy a fantasy world, and you don't, I swear that I am alright with that. I do believe there are many agendas out there, but to believe that all of Hollywood is organized and coordinated enough to be driving toward one goal is delusional. Movie studios have one goal, make money. If showing a picture of a $20 house plant for 2 hours would garnish $100mil then "The Green Fern" would be opening tomorrow (after spending $25mil on ads). Have you been to California, especially Hollywood? I have, and they are to busy living in the clouds to have that sort of focus. Everyone's primary response to something they disagree with is OUTRAGE and it got tiring years ago. If you don't want to help, then please move along.

May 7 00:43 [raw]

It must feel good to fetishize transgendered actors as representatives of good heroes, fighting evil.

May 7 00:58 [raw]

> what does the moon landing (or lack thereof), nuclear weapons, or anything else you mentioned have anything to do with a fantasy story. The moon landing, nukes, and globe earth are fantasy stories. Movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica were psychological programming tools to get the public to believe the fantasy stories about landing on the moon, nuclear weapons, and a ball earth rocketing through space at 2.2 million miles per hour. People don't much differentiate between truth and fiction if you show them realistic images of the fiction.

May 7 01:14 [raw]

"They wish to see a world only of their own desires, feelings, emotions, judgments, thoughts, and the fascination of their own egos. They want to obscure the scary reality where they are powerless and safety is non-existent, and replace it with a happy illusion." -- Brett Stevens

May 7 01:17 [raw]

Please add this to your archive. It is early '80s joke, actually before "Space Balls" movie. Star Wars XXX Version Luke Flystalker Use the Foreskin, Luke! The back side The dark side of the foreskin Princess Lay Ya Hand Solo Jab 'em in the butt C3 Peters - oh! RU Queer 2 Dark Invader (black dick) Dark Vaginer Bubba Fatt

May 7 02:30 [raw]

Thanks for sharing. How long before you have the files ready? I will want that torrent!

May 7 02:50 [raw]

Q: What do you call the website that divulges the secrets of the Galactic Empire? A: Wookieeleaks Q: What do you call a bounty hunter from the South? A: Bubba Fett source:

May 7 06:05 [raw]

Spy Culture: ClandesTime 139 – The Politics of Star Wars

May 7 06:40 [raw]

So much hate, I pity you. You must have a miserable, hate filled existence.

May 7 06:44 [raw]

Then please send me an email, I won't be posting back to this channel about any further updates.

May 7 06:59 [raw]

I don't do email. Anyone coming to bitmessage asking for an email is suspect. I think your star wars collection is likely just a troll trick.

May 7 07:04 [raw]

Feel the hate, embrace the dark side...

May 7 07:37 [raw]

I understand that, I have the email for those that don't even understand this. Go to the channel then GrafArchive for updates.

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