90% of Linux users are hypocrites

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Jul 2 06:13 [raw]

90% of Linux users are hypocrites CPanel Restricts Speech, costs hefty fees, 90% of Linux users are hypocrites The most used software on Linux is likely CPanel which people use daily to access their web server settings. The majority of Linux users are not desktop users since the Linux desktop is fragmented with so many braindead attempts at window managers and monstorous garbage. The majority of Linux users are CPanel web server users. When the GNU freetards figure this out maybe they will write some crappy CPanel clone that's buggy and sort of half works. Because folks, CPanel is unethical. You have to RENT Cpanel monthly on a server (that's part of where the hosting fees charged to the user ends up... covering the hosting companies expenses). Yes that's correct, you do not get access to CPanel sources as GPL'd code - it's closed, proprietary linux. Not GNU linux. i.e. 90 percent of linux users are proprietary linux users... CPanel Users! But wait, so Cpanel is actually more unethical than Microsoft Windows? Because you don't rent MS Windows, monthly - you buy a copy of it. Whereas CPanel you are a slave to a monthly fee... That's right folks, Linux users (90 percent) are slaves, minions, supporting an unethical closed proprietary company: CPanel. What about plesk, or other ones? I focus on CPanel because it's very popular and widely used. When you use a linux web host, you are renting software without gaining access to any source code. Is this the most unethical possible thing that could be installed on "LOONIX"? Probably. Does stallman care? Not likely, as it's just a html program and html http programs can be as closed as you wish! Or something like that. Even if the GNUtards came up with a free alternative, open source, the reality of the situation is that Linux got bootstrapped all this time, on non free CPanel software. By Bootstrapped, I mean that it started out mostly proprietary, with closed proprietary CPanel/Plesk/Others widely installed everywhere on 90 percent of Loonix (linux) systems. The hypocirsy is, 30 years later, when some Lintard says "oh, we should probably uninstall CPanel on 6 million web servers and install something free like CentPanel or IdiotPanel or FreetardationPanel. Yeah let's do that now. Uninstall that unethical crap that some company evilly made for us and let us use for, cough, $100 a week or whatever they charged." Evilly, Evilly, Evilly. Evil corps. Wait, someone made a clone of Cpanel and called it Freetard Panel.. interesting. But not funny. Because it's probably going to take GNU folk 20 years to clone it with their FREE staff (and lawyers) that work on it. And when it's released, it will suck balls. http://gng.z505.com/cpanel-is-not-free.htm

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What about plesk, or other ones? Percent of Linux users! Because it's probably uninstall CPanel because folks, linux desktop users: are hypocrites CPanel clone that's correct, you are slaves, minions, supporting an unethical closed proprietary Linux users are hypocrites CPanel software on Linux; users. Evilly evilly. Because it's you have to CPanel Restricts Speech, costs hefty fees, of Linux users are hypocrites CPanel you use a html program and monstorous garbage. Uninstall CPanel web server users are slaves, minions, supporting an unethical closed proprietary Linux. Or other ones? Even if the hosting fees of Linux the GNU freetards figure this the majority of linux web server settings. Not GNU hosting fees of Linux users since the Linux web server users! But not likely, CPanel.

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