Still no answer, wonder why. - Repost

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Repost because there wasn't a response: Anyone that believes in a flat Earth want to explain this to me? According your map, this is not possible. ---------------------------------------------------- Perth, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa by plane would take how long on a flat earth? Seriously, please tell me how long. On a globe Earth, where we are currently located - 9 hours 57 minutes. Distance: 5,173 mi Here is one flight: But these flights, airlines, planes with people on them are FAKED? You are spreading false accusations, and just because you confuse "firmament" with "expanse" you keep going down this ridiculous path. I'll be honest, I could not believe how far you people will believe this with the PLANE (yeah, I know plain is correct, but I'm making a point) evidence in front of you.

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There were several answers to your question.

Jul 9 10:12 [raw]

Then BM is a reliable as ever, please repost one then.

Jul 9 10:29 [raw]

No, liar! There were no answers to this legitimate question.

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If you are refering to this post: >> I have video of a commercial pilot saying they know the earth is flat but can't talk about it. He also mentions how they do not adjust for curvature during flight, but instead actually point the nose up. On a globe earth one would need to point the nose down every few miles to keep from going too high. This is never done. Flat earthers have provided many flight plans proving the earth is flat. You are playing make believe with your assertion. Here are actual flight paths, using a globe earth mercador-type map: The discrepancy is instantly noticeable. >> No, that doesn't explain a trip from South Africa to Australia at all.

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You are really struggling with the flat earth concept. It bothers you because you know it might be true and you may have been a dupe all your life. I understand your pain. Once upon a time I was in the same dark night of the soul. The truth is this: All of us are a product of this satanic, delusional world of lies we inhabit. We remain in that dead, blind state, puffed up in the pride of human knowledge, unless, and until, the spirit of the Most High God, Jehovah Elohim, the Omnipresent, Omnipotent Father of Lights, decides in His Grace to touch the soul and open the eyes of the blind so they may see. And what do we see? We see that this world is lies, death, and hell, and the sons of darkness rule over it. They feed us the globe earth lie because they hate Jehovah Elohim and they don't want us to worship him--they want us to worship them and their Luciferian caesar--through gnosis, also known as the religion called "science." These sons of the devil want you to be sons of the devil with them, because their deeds are evil, and the only way for them to escape justice is to form and shape your mind to be evil like theirs. The earth is flat. It is a plane. This is where the word, "planet" comes from. The final "t" was added to designate a smaller plane, as opposed to an infinite plane. A "planet" is a bounded plane. That's why our wise ancestors called it such. The sky over our heads has a firmament, a solid barrier that man can not penetrate, that is composed of iron and glass. This is why meteors have iron in them, and many meteors are glass. From time to time the firmament sheds some of this material, hence we have meteors. From several thousand miles up, the shed chunks gain enough velocity to heat up upon contact with the denser atmosphere, causing them to glow. The sun is not a ball of gas 93 million miles away. It is a magnetic dipole, with so much electricity that it radiates plasma streams, what we call solar flares. The moon is a light and is not illuminated by the sun. This is easy to prove-a thermometer is hotter under the sun than in the shade, but a thermometer is cooler under the moon than in the shade. The moon is the other end of the dipole, hence it takes in energy and radiates a different kind of light. The stars are similar, part of the projection of this massive electromagnetic field that holds the earth together and holds up the firmament. Gravity does not exist. Electromagnetism and density is what pulls and pushes all objects to the ground. All matter has a magnetic field. The magnetic field of the firmament pushes, and the magnetic field of the earth pulls, and the oscillations keep both earth and firmament stationary in relation to each other. There are no satellites orbiting a round earth. Satellites are high-altitute aircraft and satellite dishes that bounce signals off the firmament. When you aim at a geostationary satellite you are aiming at the precise point on the firmament with the correct reflection angle to reach a dish on the ground somewhere. All the military top brass know this -- all of them without exception are freemasons and jesuits. They all practice the mystery religion and are bound by oaths of secrecy. You may think you saw a space station, but all you really saw was what you wanted to see, what you were programmed to see.

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> Perth, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa by plane would take how long on a flat earth? Seriously, please tell me how long. Go to Enter the search phrase "flight schedules prove flat earth". Profit!

Jul 9 13:14 [raw]

Here we go again, blah blah blah with no answer to the question. I know you have to be paid by the word. Plane from South Africa to Australia without flying from one end of your "Earth" to the other (as shown on your map). But, please don't respond, please blab on for 6 more paragraphs without answering the question.....and......go.

Jul 9 13:38 [raw]

If you have profited, then share the knowledge, explain South Africa to Australia. I'm going to keep on this until one of you "believers" answers the question.

Jul 9 14:10 [raw]

I've been razzing him during the days he's demanded an answer to this question. I had the answer but withheld it to watch the conversation. It's entertaining to watch his frustration mount.

Jul 9 14:14 [raw]

If you're waiting on my "frustration" to mount then keep waiting. I find this highly entertaining because there is no answer. You profess this and that but don't show anything. The "days" your speaking of, I hardly thought of this lunacy because I have real life to deal with. I looked today and noticed that there wasn't, and still isn't an answer. You're withholding nothing, same as always. So, here we go again, explain South Africa to Australia.

Jul 9 14:20 [raw]

What if you don't like the answer?

Jul 9 14:20 [raw]

Your question has been answered many times on this chan and in the general chan. Do your own research and stop being a baby.

Jul 9 15:34 [raw]

> explain South Africa to Australia. Qantas scraps plans for Perth-Johannesburg flights Surprise, surprise.

Jul 9 16:46 [raw]

There is no direct flight between Johannesburg and Perth and there never has been. There's always a stopover in the Middle East or Southeast Asia. If you book the direct flight, when you show up it will cancel and you'll be moved to a stopover flight.

Jul 9 17:27 [raw]

Repost of a post I made an hour ago. Explain these flight that have happened, not scheduled sometime in the future but have already happened: Sydney, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa - 6,907 miles in 13h 55m NONSTOP Sydney, Australia to Santiago, Chile - 7,181 miles in 12h 20m NONSTOP Johannesburg, South Africa to Sao Paulo, Brazil 4,704 miles in 10h 48m NONSTOP

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You're mentally ill.

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