Osiris: Anonymous, Serverless Portal System

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Osiris: Anonymous, Serverless Portal System http://www.osiris-sps.org/ Claims they will release a open source version What is Osiris Image ImageOsiris is a free portal creation software. The portals created with osiris don't need a central server, they are safe, indestructible and anonymous. In those portals, all users have the same rights, so the standard hierarchys (administrators, moderators, members) of regular forums are not present, even if they are supported. Features Image Indestructible The data of the portals are not saved on a single computer, each member of the portal has a copy of them on his hard disk. The same parts of the portal are saved on many connected units, in order to avoid compromising the integrity of the portal if one of them disconnects. This ensures that a portal built with Osiris will last forever. Image Dependability A portal made with Osiris has many copies of itself on the net, with the guarantee that in case of hardware failure (Broken hard disk, Virus...) it can be rebuilt from another copy.You are not asked for an internet connection to browse it because the data are on your computer. This ensures exceptional speed (You'll be asked for an internet connection if you want to add a contribute).The more people use your portal, the more it will be sure and fast. Image Economical Osiris allows you to open your portal for free, without the need of an housing/hosting service because the resources are shared by the users registered to the portal. Image Anonymous In the portal the real user can create as many virtual identities as he wants. It's possible to trace the virtual identity which has contributed to the portal, but it is impossible to trace the real one, because Osiris doesn't mark a difference between the content writer and the content distributor.Anyway we are talking about reserve, not anonymity, the IP addresses can be seen by anyone, but they cannot be associated to a single user. A bigger portal ensures highter anonymity than a small one. Image Safe A digital signature system ensures continuity to the discussions. Even if we don't know who a user really is, we know that a series of messages have been written by the same person. Image Transparent Unlike other systems, anyone can clearly see the contents on their computer which are then shared, and is free to decide not to share content he wants to censure. Image Anarchic All the users have the same powers, the portal doesn't have a centralized administration. Anyone can read, write or edit comments and posts. This means that anyone can express his thought, and no one can censor them. Users can only suggest that a particular comment should not be there and propose a censorship, that will be done only if the whole community agrees.In order to avoid spammers, Osiris use a Reputation system, used to create filters for the portal contents. Note: Anyway, you can always create a regular forum, with administrators and moderators.

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Did they claim this in 2011? That is the last update on their site that I see. Even their own forums claim it is not being currently being developed.

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old honeypot?

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