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May 22 00:25 [raw]

I wish to enjoin a special topic of discussion. This subject may interest cryptographers including mathematicians, programmers, implementers, cryptanalysts, and security researchers. Take a hypothetical scenario. Assume we are able to compress any arbitrary amount of data to a fixed size of 256 bits. Assume there is a new branch of maths where the pigeonhole principle does not apply in certain fields. These fields can be mapped to an algorithm that will rebuild the entire field from a small sectional value of the field. We convert the data into such a field, get the mapping value, and drop the original data. The mapping value will reconstruct the original data. I wish to brainstorm the ramifications and consequences of such an invention being made available to the people. This is an invitation to intelligent discussion about every potential ramification--socially, technologically, politically, economically--that comes to mind. Here are some of the ramifications of efficient, unlimited data compression: 0. Beyond future-proof cryptography--forever-proof cryptography. 1. Reduce internet load by cutting the actual transmitted data 95+%. 2. All documents and web pages stored on disk as 256 bit files, regardless of decompressed data size. 3. Many compressed files and packets can be reduced to 128 bits, and a smaller percentage to 64/32 bits. 3. 4.7 gigabyte DVD files can traverse any network in less than one second. 4. A data archive with thousands of storage drives can have infrastructure pruned to fit in a closet. 5. Billions of daily emails reduced to between 32 bits and 256 bits each with forever-proof cryptography. 6. Linux ISO files distributed as a binary string less than half a kilobyte! 7. Software repositories (eg, Debian) reduced to all packages encoded into a small document. 8. Encryption security beyond anything available or previously imaginable. 9. All bitmessage network objects the exact same size (256 bits) regardless of expanded size. 10. All Tor traffic requests are exactly 256 bits, making the Tor network drastically faster overall, and making timing and traffic analysis attacks ineffective. 11. Allows mobile data users with limited data plans to effectively download hundreds of gigabytes of data on their 5-10 gigabyte data allowances. 12. Enables syncing and backup of gigabytes of data in mere seconds. 13. Sync Bitcoin blockchain exponentially faster. 14. Exponential speedup of altcoin transactions. Some possible negative ramifications: 1. Ability of states and corporations to store nearly infinite data on people. 2. Drastically slashes the cost of data surveillance programs. 3. Allows creation of huge blockchains of your personal data that can never go away. I am sure others can add to this list. I encourage you to do so and discuss.

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