Muslims arrest pastor three times on trumped up charges

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Dec 5 07:51

Tanzania: Two years ago, a nine-year-old Muslim girl came to disrupt a church service at the Free Pentecostal Church. Pastor Yohana Madai, who was preaching, went outside where the girl was banging on the door, took her by the arm before she could run away, and brought her to local government leaders. The next day the girl's mother went to police and filed a charge of child abuse. She said the pastor had removed her daughter's veil and had touched her breasts. Although a conviction would have carried a 30-year prison sentence, the case was eventually dropped for lack of evidence and witnesses. However, after the officer in charge was transferred to another area, the mother—this time accompanied by an Islamic sheikh and other Muslims—filed charges again against the pastor. After several more hearings—in which the accuser again could not produce any witnesses or evidence—the judge dismissed the charges. Nonetheless, as the pastor walked out of the courtroom, he was arrested again on unspecified charges and jailed. According to a statement from the leaders of the Pastors Alliance of Zanzibar, they "went there on Friday [April 7] to question officials and struggled much to help Pastor Madai be released, but we found that it was a religious matter with the purpose of persecuting the Christians. We were not given a hearing. Those handling the case are all Muslims.... They have started with Pastor Madai, and tomorrow they will arrest another.... [I]f the case is manipulated, pastor Madai will be sentenced to not less the 30 years in jail according to Tanzania and Zanzibar laws."

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