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Jul 10 17:38 [raw]

> "This transfer of power from the mere musket and the little cannon to the H-bomb in a single lifetime is indicative of the things that have happened to us..." The problem with this spiel is that the H-bomb does not exist. There is no such thing as an H-bomb. It is a social engineering scare tactic. I have videos of earlier H-bomb testing showing tractor-trailer loads of dynamite being piled up for the "nuclear" test. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed like Dresden in a swarm pass of thousands of tons of incendiaries. There was no nuclear bomb and there still is no nuclear bomb. When I was a little child they brainwashed us into the nuclear hoax by having regular nuclear drills in school, sounding an alarm and air raid siren and having the students hide and cower under the desks. This was social engineering and predictive programming to make people believe in the existence of the H-bomb. The purpose of this brainwashing was to break down our inherent belief in national sovereignty, to allow the propogation of an international tyranny of the deep state and its funding mechanisms. > "How far the advances of science have outraced our social consciousness." More like: how far the tactics of deep-state pseudo-science have programmed our social consciousness.

Jul 15 02:54 [raw]

Well, just wait for Kim Jong Un to prove you wrong in a flash of nuclear fire, sucker.

Jul 15 04:34 [raw]

Typical CIA spin ... nothing to see here.

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