What is secure?

May 31 13:08 [raw]

Let me ask you some questions in a similar scope of exploratory. If the NSA are the bad guys, why are we using Kremlin and KGB propaganda as the yardstick by which to judge the NSA? Why do the cypherpunk talking heads (Schneier, et al) constantly rail against NSA when Russia hardly ever crosses their lips--yet their poster children, Snowden and Assange, have clear, long-term Russian connections. If the NSA is really spying on everybody, why do so many anti-NSA activists acts as apologists for the Putin regime? Is it possible that a lot of the negative spin about USA and NSA is really Kremlin propaganda? You hear daily in the media that Trump has nebulous connections to Russia and the Kremlin. The media spews a constant barrage about Trump and Russian connections, with nothing foundational to back it up. So people assume the media is against Trump, trying to smear him with false accusations. But what if it is all a smokescreen--what if all the accusations of Trump being in bed with Russia are actually propaganda from Russian agents, meant to hide his real Russian connections? The best way to hide an infiltration is to poison the well with 10 thousand false accusations, so if a provable accusation comes to light, nobody will believe it or even look into it. Being beleaguered by the stream of baseless accusations of Russian collusion is the best strategy to hide Trump's connections with the Russian mob and the Kremlin. Why has there been hardly a whimper in the main stream media reported on Trumps actual known connections to the Russian mob in New York? In the same way, Snowden's nonstop accusations (from Russia) against the NSA is the best way to hide Russian surveillance on all American intelligence and communications. Why is a traitor (snowden) being upheld as a privacy hero, when he has helped America's number one opponent to obtain massive intelligence on American citizens and operations?

Jun 2 09:27 [raw]

Hey careful, you are on topic. Expect the 411 "owner" to come along and derail this thread. :-) Most of the people don't realise that both the west and the east use their secret services to influence elections. However, it is true that by compromising the US presidency, the kremlin gains the ultimate prize of pro-russian administration ties to russia. Snowden himself only had Top secret clearance as a consultant, and had less to offer than a trustworthy defector from the NSA would. To give you some idea of how mundane that clearance is, there are a million Americans who are cleared for Top Secret. The NSA run Five Eyes, which does spy on every electronic communication on the planet. As does the russians and the chinese. As for questions of security, of course the NSA deliberately weakens the crypto standards they set for the NIST. This is mainly to save costs of cryptanalysis at their end. Never trust the secret service to run the crypto for the world, it is their job to decode everyone's messages. For that reason, the on topic discussions in this chan have been correct to surmise the best bet is for each project to roll your own.

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