Compression Research [update]

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Several methods are now working to compress any arbitrary data 97.5% The interesting thing about this is not the compression but the encryption aspect. Any message of any size can be compressed to a standard size, for example 64 bytes. Any cipher algorithm can be applied to this byte string. A one time pad can be included with the original message - the pad applied to the original message, then the pad encrypted with a cipher, then the two joined and compressed down to 64 bytes, then another cipher key applied to the 64 byte string. Due to the high memory requirements of the compression and decompression, brute force is impossible unless a very weak key is used. If separate 256-bit keys are used for the OTP and outer encryption, brute force would take: ((2^256) ^ msglen) ^ (2 ^ 256) ^ padlen with a message and pad of length 2048 bytes: 2^ ((2 ^ 256) ^ 2048 ^ (2 ^ 256) ^ 2048) keyspace would be an exponent millions of digits long - the exponent, not the result, would be millions of digits. 2^256 is considered to be a very secure key space. 2^256.......123456..... for millions of digits is unimaginably secure.

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What did you contribute to the work that OP should just give it to you?

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What are the monetisation options?

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I've been thinking about this. It seems possible that some quadratic equations could in theory do near-infinite or fractal compression. Take a look at the mandelbrot. Would it be possible to plug it into a quadratic S-Box and throttle any message to a reversible generator value? Come to think of it, those kind of quadratic equations are used in standard hashing algorithms. What is your standard hash algorithm is really this type of compression, cleverly disguised, that would reconstitute your original message for those who know the hidden maths? I don't want to put on a tinfoil hat but it is worth thinking about. What if we've been duped by the cryptography community into giving up all our secrets by using standard crypto?

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You pay for the product. Author monetizes your payment.

Jul 1 11:59 [raw]

Name your method, I don't believe your claim.

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Sigh. If only you would not restrain your knowledge. However, you remain correct about standard crypto. Even a dead clock is right twice a day.

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mandelbrot julia

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I don't think you understand what the fractals are.

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