YGBSM ... Anal Bleaching?

Jul 14 06:50 [raw]

Ok. Anal bleaching. Whitening treatment for assholes. YGBSM. So I live in a part of the world where nobody does anal bleaching or would even think of doing something so stupid. Knock on wood, mates, they just haven't been following the Kardashians here--yet. I found some articles talking about how celebrities promote anal bleaching and now spas and dermatologists all over the world are starting to offer anal bleaching services. This is completely bizzare. It is a sign of degeneracy. Now what-- should we expect people will take their children in for anal bleaching, which they likely already do in Hollywood and the Vatican and Haight-Ashbury? Does anyone else realize how degenerate this is, or are you all lost like the rest of the loons? Bonus bong hit points for the libertarian pedophile that says this fake shit is good for the economy.

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