Here is your (Christ) chan

May 29 09:37 [raw]

Here's the (Christ) chan address BM-2cW67e5WwYd5apLGZePKAcMJscpKQUTYMx , feel free to discuss everything religious here instead of going off-topic. You will note that even the icon for the address is a cross, so hopefully you'll engage in your discussions there.

May 29 09:52 [raw]

You guys are just like the Catholic priests who took over the Christian church in the first century and killed all the elected Bishops. Then you told everyone, "here's the church." No thanks. I'm not interested in Constantine's little echo chamber.

May 29 10:10 [raw]

Why do you think we are interested in your echo chamber ?

May 29 16:27 [raw]

Everything religious? Not limiting to Christianity? Not limiting to Christ? Is Moses OK? Buddha? Shiva?

May 29 21:37 [raw]

Since you are neither Jewish, nor Buddhist, nor Hindu, why ask?

Jun 2 09:04 [raw]

Christ says love thy neighbour, no matter what religion you practice.

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