Jacob Appelbaum: Wikileaks insider, military contractor, Tor developer

Jul 1 09:12 [raw]

Repost for those who keep insisting that TOR isn't compromised.

Jul 1 09:47 [raw]

Excerpt: Appelbaum trained an employee of Qatar's "censorship network"? That's nice of him — I mean, why wouldn't you train a censorship apparatchik working for an autocratic state known for brutal "modern slavery," where foreign workers are routinely worked to death in the punishing Qatari heat, and where there's no freedom of religion and sexuality? For someone who sells himself as a techno-anarchist fighting against the all-powerful US Imperial Surveillance State, it's a bit weird to see Appelbaum fight for the interests of political movements and activists in conflict zones around the world — activists that just so happen to be in states like Iran and Syria, where the U.S. has been trying to conduct regime operations since before Appelbaum was born. In a joint talk last year with Tor co-founder Roger Dingledine, Appelbaum argued that sure, Tor might facilitate the spread of child pornography, but this was a necessary evil in the great fight against global injustice at the hands of dictators in countries like Iran and Syria:

Jul 1 10:41 [raw]

LOL Yasha Levine says what?

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