Five Minutes of Shrinking Sun Footage. The Death of Heliocentrism. Flat Earth

Mar 12 20:55 [raw]

Five Minutes of Shrinking Sun Footage. The Death of Heliocentrism. Flat Earth This video contains repeatable footage of the sun growing and shrinking significantly in size (empirically detectable) at sunrise and sunset-- especially right near the horizon. This footage tells us the sun is near/close/low (probably 3000-8000 miles away), and small (not incredibly distant and incredibly far as NASA behind closed doors "science" demands). This empirical data is immensely important to zetetic studies. The only way academics can deny the close sun is to literally deny the purest, cleanest sort of empirical data-- in other words to deny science, and say we don't see what we clearly see, like saying the sky is green or that people have five arms. The proper thing for academics to do is move with the evidence and put their theories on the shelf--that is the scientific move; there's no way around it. This one issue, that myself and many others have made videos about, closes the door on heliocentrism. I mean, it's OVER! Every person on plane-Earth needs to start getting their ideologies in line with this. Flat Earth is a spiritual revolution (Christian)! At sunrise and sunset, the sun is often very dim. Near my house I can often directly watch the sun sink into Lake Michigan at sunset since it becomes so dim at sunset. IMPORTANT: The dim sun with no rays eliminates any chance of glare, flare, light saturation, etc. from occurring, no filter is needed, and thus the true edge and size of the disk can be viewed and measured. This is not the case at other times (when the sun is "higher"). This is important since we know we don't need to use a filter, since filters block out backgrounds and one never has confirmation that that the filtered sun is being filmed right at rise or set.

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