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Apr 23 22:03 [raw]

> If you have articles maintained by their authors, then you will need un/pw combos and an email to validate, server logs get created, and other things which would blow the anonymity part away, or am I missing something? Yes you are missing something. Here are quotes from the original posts: "all submissions would be via bitmessage to preserve anonymity of authors." "All blog management would be via bitmessage "shortcodes."" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I mentioned in the opening post that shortcodes would be sent via bitmessage to manage author accounts and articles, similar to BitText but geared toward a clearnet-facing site. Everything would be managed via shortcodes sent via Bitmessage. Basically you would send a command shortcode in the subject line and the parameters in the message text. A simple API command-line client could be made to simplify it. The blog server would receive the bitmessages and execute the commands, updates, edits, etc. Blog subscribers would simply subscribe to bitmessage broadcasts of the authors. The trick here is to keep it simple, preventing attack surface potential. I want to create the platform, but I will not start unless there is a substantial interest in it.

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