The Third Roman Beast Behind Russian Active Measures

Jun 26 07:25 [raw]

The Putin apologists of White Nationalism venerate Moscow as the "Third Rome." And the Third Rome is up to the First Rome's dirty tricks. > "active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts ... In 1982, the Soviets forged a transcript of a speech made by United Nations Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick that called for the balkanization of India and planted it in the Indian press. ... Russia's support for far-right movements in the West has been compared to the Soviet Union's active measures in that it aims to "disrupt and discredit Western democracies". ... Stirring up racial tensions in the United States by mailing bogus letters from the Ku Klux Klan ..." > "active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts ..." We see them creating astroturf collision movements, like feminism vs MGTOW, antifa vs white nationalism. We see all these elements at play daily in the antifa vs alt-right kabuki theater. Most American media is run by Catholics, not Jews. Surprise, surprise, put a Jewish face up there to deceive everyone. The Roman leadership have used the Jews as convenient scapegoats for centuries. If the Romans kidnap some children for ritual sacrifice, they will blood libel the Jews in the coverup operation, and "prove" some Jews did it. > "Stirring up racial tensions in the United States by mailing bogus letters from the Ku Klux Klan" The Daily Stormer, The Daily Shoah, Harold Covington, David Duke, Radio Aryan, Matthew Raphael Johnson, Matt Heimbach, American Rennaisance, Christian Identity, Aryan Nations, ad nauseum - no doubt all stooges for international socialism and Russia, the "Third Rome." They are daily inciting racial tensions in the USA - constantly harping about white genocide - constantly portraying the Jews as the insitigators behind all evil, just as the Catholic pedophiles did for centuries. These clowns have all held Putin up as a "racial savior." Now who does that perception benefit? These groups and men constantly agitate for the balkanization of America. America has been multi-racial for 130 years and only recently has the idea of balkanization come to the forefront--because our enemies are trying to balkanize us so they can conquer us. Being a white man I would love to have an all-white country, but not at the expense of millions of innocent lives, which is what the white nationalists are trying to make happen for their benefactor, Putin. Tolerating the antics of big city negroes is but a minor irritation compared to the hell on earth that would come from an artificially fractured America. Hey, life isn't perfect, get over it. Communism is Romanism. The Soviet Union and the Third Reich were both extensions of Roman power. The Romans are the original Reds, the hidden socialists. Useful idiots blame everything on the Jews. They never stopped to think that perhaps the Jews are as brainwashed as they are, by the real hidden hand. The average Jewish IQ is less than 100, contrary to what anti-Jewish propaganda tells you. The propagandists claim that Jews are on average highly intelligent, thus able to easily manipulate goyim. This is a lie. I have talked with many Jews over the years and never met a single Jewish person whose intelligence was even close to mine. (Sorry Jews, I'm not trying to insult you, but facts are facts.) I have a higher comprehension than any Jew I've ever met, and noticed their ideas of reality are kooky. Their ideas are kooky because they, like people of other ethnic groups, have been brainwashed for generations. They had no ability to manipulate my perception of anything, yet I could see how their perceptions had been molded by propaganda - propaganda from Roman sources. The white nationalists working for Putin and Rome would have you believe that Jews are kooky because of their genetics ... no, they are easily brainwashed by Rome because of their genetics. The Jews are victims, just not in the way you might think they are. I am not an apologist for the Jews. I don't even like them. I find them whiny, annoying, and self-righteous. But they are not the mind behind the beast world order. Rome is, and always has been for over 2300 years. Sovietism is Romanism. Stalin was a Roman Jesuit. Marx was from a line of Papal Catholic Jewish Rabbis. The Rabbis have been in league with Rome since they day they crucified Jesus. When the Rabbis murdered our Lord, they all said, "We have no king but Caesar." The Pope is, and has ever been the "Davidic" king of Rabbinical Judaism. Just as Christian leaders and clergy betray white America every day, the Rabbis betray the Jewish people every day. These Rabbis say and do things to perpetuate anti-Jewish stereotypes in a calculated way, just as Christian clergy make calcualated blunders to discredit protestants. Hitler was a Jesuit stooge. The Jesuits, and Rome, have infiltrated western institutions. Everywhere they infiltrate the put up a Jewish front man so the Jewish people as a whole get blamed when a scam or crime is uncovered. This has been standard Roman intelligence tactics for millenia. The ancient saints called the Romans and Mystery cultists "diablos" or "false accuser." This is how the Reds have always worked. They spread false accusations to cause discord amongst their victims. Instead of blaming Jews, put the blame where it belongs--the occult army of Mystery Babylon, the hidden Holy Roman Empire. Freedom will come not when we expel Jews, but when we exterminate occultism and all people who practice occult religion or worship occult deity. Then the races and nations can have a momentary big group hug, separate into their homelands peacefully, and carry on peaceful trade and commerce in the light of day instead of the false light of Romanism and all the violence of the Harlot.

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