Hitler vindicated - China implements Hitlerite policies

Aug 9 16:40 [raw]

Xi is a good man. need to stop this church nonsense

Aug 9 16:42 [raw]

seems Hitler was ahead of his time. Now the Chinese CP sees the wisdom of having the curch brought in line with the party. Xi like Hitler ordered the church to become sinicised and aryanised, respectively. Both Germany and China have huge economic growth due to Hitlerite policies, while USA, Japan asf. are in crisis for decades now, and will not get out of it short of a revolution.

Aug 9 16:42 [raw]

https://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/2159047/chinese-hui-muslims-rally-protect-weizhou-grand-mosque true , CPC learned from NSDAP very smart of them.

Aug 9 16:56 [raw]

Has China abandoned communism?

Aug 9 18:00 [raw]

yeah, they now go Nazi on the church and muslims and that rubbish

Aug 10 20:47 [raw]

CP = Communist Party

Aug 10 23:06 [raw]

oh... one would not think so, would one... by the same token, Hitler could have called NSDAP "new democracy diligent Aryan party" for peace and happiness.

Aug 20 03:05 [raw]

good analysis revealing ! Hitler - in his own words - was a Socialist

Aug 20 03:39 [raw]

he was so popular

Aug 20 10:41 [raw]

Meh. Hitler wasn't anything special. Many like him came before and after. He was just lucky due to historical circumstances.

Aug 20 12:54 [raw]

well yeah he knew he had to act fast to be one step ahead of shit competition like Harry Truman

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