Muslim mob burns three Christian homes, attacks Christian women

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Dec 5 07:50

In a separate incident, on April 13, shortly after Christian villagers held a prayer service in the home of a local Christian, a Muslim mob burned three Christian homes and injured eight Christians, including two women, in the village of Kom El-Loufy, in Egypt's Minya Governorate. One of the Christians present spoke on condition of anonymity: "We asked the local security authorities to grant us a permit [to] hold prayers and they agreed. They granted us a permit to hold these prayers and the security forces came to secure the mass. At about 10:00 a.m., after the worship ended, we started on our way to our homes. Then, a mob of Muslims gathered and began to attack us and our homes. They hurled stones at our homes and set fire on three houses owned by Christians." The village, which holds about 1,800 Christians, has no church and local Muslims and governors refuse to allow one to be built. A similar attack occurred less than a year earlier; the homes of four Christian brothers were plundered and torched on the rumor that they were attempting to build a church in the village. Another Christian eyewitness present said "All these attacks occurred despite the presence of the police in the village. There are eight big cars from the central security and more than 15 police cars. I don't know why the police haven't arrested anyone who [has] attacked us till now."

[chan] 411

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