Spook & Cypherpunk Puzzle

Jul 5 17:01 [raw]

Hello spooks and cypherpunks: I'm testing a secret sauce of entropy harvesting for random generation. I've converted random bits to int over 12 iterations of the algorithm. If you're bored, see if you can find statistical or mathematical correlation between this series of integers. Each integer is from a sequence of the mixer in ascending order, with no gaps in the sequence. The secret sauce has a speed dial. It can be throttled to very painfully slow growth of the pad, or it can be ramped up to work like a havegd on steroids. It does not require any hardware random source, although it will go much faster with it. 2738644300239590741848894058790000613104389463149639356671725412 3246026776889146636596769336137064999060139659782558641486496976 1065400089205543632293808111396958655773997236301383062016298493 8125930569318179880003893018517801983297597246374063534925892290 5042438569466785827446291327518285033735556222300610215622022189 6603586398279928035583172133802451089770678307966537254798423415 1948930981323194764406332723198342818322336572445506755838783027 5020663830562692401218460276451375602943603879547469669847278559 5991199083187540205836821176101069757560699759685305388902547588 6322115532260443311137456611757981782355990562560324744307243137 1126453582000597111817666729066643390420209543032465927290620661 7349836689580748197074138866026281369318664154967860799630758767 6178585460625763679820659836146630373640245792529698376848914862

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