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Aug 13 10:36 [raw]

Peter Šurda @PeterSurda Aug 05 09:16 I would like the website (wiki) to move to something lightweight, like jekyll + web editor, and to be hosted on a rented server instead of a shared hosting. I'd like to get feedback (compared to, e.g., hosting on github or continuing with mediawiki or something else). wdblckmma @wdblckmma_gitlab Aug 12 18:05 @PeterSurda you did not state why you want that. Legitimate reason IMHO are: 1. avoid github / big data censorship (they even banned antiwar, which is a disgrace) 2. making stuff better or simpler - but this will probably not apply since by now most ppl know the github wiki syntax etc.. considering 1. and 2. "Fossil" wiki on sourceforge or the onion version should provide not too much trouble. I hope you will not delete old content until it is migrated to a new wiki. users should also consider that the .org wiki is not a true wiki since only 1 person has write access and it is almost not maintained at all. so why not use the old .org wiki ? the problem is with "admining" appearantly and centralized control. wdblckmma @wdblckmma_gitlab Aug 12 18:11 bitmessage people tend to hate centralized control, of course. Peter Šurda @PeterSurda 07:31 The main problems with the old wiki that I see: inadequate control over hosting, difficult to maintain. Github pages is easier to maintain, but still inadequate control over hosting. I have a new VM prepared, however I would like to also change the backend software, as I don't have time to maintain a mediawiki deployment. I am not sure hosting on sourceforge would solve the control problem compared to github posta-store @posta-store 11:52 @PeterSurda Fossil is kind of simple to maintain, since it is 1 single file only. no way to lose a small file or sth. one could easily double-host: say on sf and self-host the same file. could you elaborate on the "control problem" ? you mean that github might change their policy or sth. ? btw: there is a wiki out there comparing like 300 wikis, but they completely miss out on the best wiki ever: Fossil. one guy correctly blogged recently, that serious people must now make up their minds: You either accept nilly-willy censorship like on youtube & github or you don't. if you don't, one must be consequential and rely on a better hosting solution. Else everything will go to hell slowly but surely. --- There is no way around this fact.

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