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Date: 04.07.2018 00:01:47 UTC From: BM-2cX5tvgshwAzYydvT2HrEvfmfaPX3DkuuF Part: 1/1 For retrieval instructions go to Or send a blank bitmessage to: BM-GtkZoid3xpTUnwxezDfpWtYAfY6vgyHd The server will respond with a instructional help message. ID Subject 0fFTWpRLXg Live feed camera on the moon 0GMvjdOwM9 Do You Believe In Magic? Apollo - Soyuz 1RfTbr9Zc6 Debunking the Milky Way Galaxy - Outer Space is a 2bXP7zBVMy Five Minutes of Shrinking Sun Footage. The Death o 2n65sEMhX5 The earth is a flat plane, not a globe. 32rcF5a1SY The Masonic anti-God Globe Earth Scam 3cL9DUm8TA Tesla knew Gravity was just a bogus theory and tha 3WjLSjy9ny Satellites Are Fake - Just Another NASA Hoax 45w3MIuErX NASA admits erasing original moon landing tapes 518xZmTeJz Flat in Fifteen - Flawless Flat Victory 5PP_DJdxob they say space is a vacuum with air 690MVwfzrA Flat Earth Luminaries - The Sun, Moon and Stars EX 7ecyyiEqiG Scientist Shows Proof That Rockets Do Not Work In 7rHFuiTyJb Everything wrong with SpaceX "Car in Space" ✞ 8JI3RmEx2x Flat Earth Codes 8RkQrM0SbB told you, no satellites, no space, no aliens, no I 8wDiKmb6Kp Flat moon closer than clouds 8z4SFaDHS1 This pilot admits to know the earth is FLAT 91QFraGBwn A Flat Earth Song: "Puppet Show" YOU HAVE TO HEAR 9Imsl0eCOI Earth Is Surrounded By Liquid: Proof Positive Pres 9jEVjVcthx Flat Earth Whistle blower satellite engineer expla 9L4J1B0QwS George Orwell on the Flat Earth A2yTtOu1kH NASA comes clean declaring 'We Lied About Everythi AeesewJGDB Welcome back flat brainer I was missing you alread akxaNNVynZ NASA lies about the Sun. EXPOSED by Scientists 201 awPo0XcFYa dear NASA phan boiz, why do you parrot? AYSS1hSW0f Flat Earth - 213 Mile Lake Erie Globe Killer Curva b3SCtP8vzW The Earth is flat. bEXaWxWZBx NASA Photos of Earth are a Hoax. bPvYNBCGS7 How far are the stars? bt10_96iH1 Satellites Do Not Exist As Described bupLG_JO47 Without Resonance you have nothing! Electro-Magnet BYYL2vkNWw The Sun Cult of the Globe Earther Freemasons. CFg4llfmkD Flat Earth Codes cINljeWrfx Amazing time-lapse sunset shows the sun SHRINKING CQq1XsZcsP Flat earth We did'nt land on the Moon Former NASA CXVcyR1Y7e PROOF GPS Satellites Do Not Exist d29aK40gNN Is the Universe liquid? - Space Documentary 2016 d7c7WIf8y2 How can NASA recover from this, *EVER*??? - part 2 D9nKn1sv2g NASA Faked Mars Landings DbpfSnEymr Hair In Space : The NASA Illusion DBywZSCjOr Welcome to the Satellite Hoax - Flat Earth Man DJ3PnO32oS Too big a conspiracy? Why flat Earth is important DzwzS7FLC_ the lunar landings were a psyop hoax e46dvWfO5X NASA Faked Mars Landings e4S5sMuaRe FLAT EARTH!! Outside The Dome!! Waters Above!! The eFbaj9qkYF Unimpeachable proof that dinos are fake like Space E_tMaQzGhA told you, no satellites, no space, no aliens, no I f62Tvq_4LU ??? FU13kq_PYb If God came into the world today, and told this cl fx5DkGDjsa NASA lies about the Sun. EXPOSED by Scientists 201 gdfeWdnD3E Reasons to Doubt the Earth is Truly a Sphere givBe6_OG9 > 'What possible reason could there be for the ent gqRX83KIk6 Flat Earth - Bible Truth in an Unstable World GY15rqdXjI Tesla on the Flat Earth HcBlPWwr6n > His mental illness should not be a concern to yo HEqfGKLTmc NASA admits erasing original moon landing tapes hnTa2vAsRw Thoughts on Flat Earth, Saturn, The Sabbath, Days hPh5lZeKq6 why did NASA erase the original moon landing tapes hwYDaK1ihl Proof that NASA faked the Mars rover landing i6mCvjfYYC The Moon Is ONLY 70 Miles Wide! IHvweDz3D8 Flat earth We didn't land on the Moon Former NASA IicEUYlCHM The Moon Does Not Reflect Sunlight. INbFmJMTRO NASA lies about the Sun. EXPOSED by Scientists 201 iqVYAd14z8 hollywood special effects more realistic than moon J8e5LWTt89 Satellites Are Fake - Just Another NASA Hoax JkxCXZt5Uy NASA AND FACEBOOK TRICKED YOU - Must Watch!!! JYaTKUUYM2 Great Lakes Prove Flat Earth K0OWd0tiTI Globe Earthers Spend More Effort Opposing the Flat K0YI9nZFTj Outer Space Photos are Fake. K372DXe5_O Flat Earth Superstars - NASA's Clowns for Kids! ✞ kI8i7LjKXW Helios is the god worshipped by astro-physicists KiRlNZuZrm PUTTING TO REST FAKE SATELLITES USING HALE TELESCO kjJj9QNfRR Satellites Do Not Exist! kOQ_XFgxcU NASA Insider Exposes the Flat Earth! lnFuGWKBNx Flat in Fifteen - Flawless Flat Victory lVD5xdmkYO Whistle Blower CONFIRMS Satellites Are A HOAX!! (G mEBSmuzDEr Do you still believe we went to the moon? - Flat E MI27mhRt9T FREEMASONS in SPACE: NASA's Illuminati/Freemason R Mkodw4ghNW Interview w/ Former NASA Employee Turned Flat Eart myyjJbi5Dv Before there was Flat Earth Man.... NBzglVmcG3 China's FAKE Space Walk - Flat Earth NCH9m7j12S Satellites Do Not Exist! Nnd9Dm07BS Moon Craters Debunked 100% Proof nvM45r38go Flat Earth - 213 Mile Lake Erie Globe Killer Curva obu7FZ9AuV SpaceX is actually Fake-X OfwTOfQbJH Flat Earth | 100% Proof Space Travel is Fake & Mar oHKDFJbszs BIGGER THAN FLAT EARTH - SHOCKING VIDEO, UNCOVERIN oUy1BrzI93 Gravity is a mystical force invented by Freemasons PcH1mXYI99 Satellites don't exist - research operation FISHBO pjn99mnNag The Flat Earth Library plT0yGdje6 Something About the Space X Launch Nobody's Talkin pv7hfR0vr5 Flat Earth Whistle blower satellite engineer expla q0x2IVT74X Ships and the Horizon - Proof of a Flat Earth. Q9qwRIszTy Google Project Loon Proves Flat Earth qhDVPXjd07 This man is Johnny Cash reincarnated.. and he's a QqtvnnH3Kz Interview w/ Former NASA Employee Turned Flat Eart rHU2vmwrgJ NASA Faked Footage of ISS Space Station using Augm rRwglOEVkE ??? RyTT5HSBc5 Mythbusters *BUSTED* NASA LIES R_t99jghFF Nikola Tesla, inventor of radio, microwave, was a smJ0rbrzRG Disney's Pluto vs. NASA's Pluto syzK6Li88G Flat Earth and the Real Stars t25u5dqxuf THE most undeniable proof of the Flat Earth SUN! M t4fOb8VQwR Shaquille O'Neal comes out for Flat Earth - Interv t7NmrMMSiN Welcome to the Satellite Hoax - Flat Earth Man T8Pb85P5K0 Great Lakes Prove Flat Earth TauC7ZfpeI 213.47 mi. Lake Erie Globe Curvature Test [Flat Ea tE8yX9O7R8 > His mental illness should not be a concern to yo TVlhPmffyG Why I think Dinosaurs are A Hoax TzOC8r_1Lf Reasons to Doubt the Earth is Truly a Sphere uEbyTHIxxX ANARCHISTS uR0r1R5qvB Reasons to Doubt Everything NASA UXt17JXyCp NASA admits erasing original moon landing tapes v46mjtq6nJ *NEW* 100% PROOF Earth is ACTUALLY FLAT 2018! (NAS vNJnDDXha6 Dunderheads in an imaginary mathematical universe w4lNz_o0T3 If God came into the world today, and told this cl wcuaFZSR0F Without Resonance you have nothing! Electro-Magnet WdWFkYL1dp Pro Engineer Explains Problems with the ISS, Satel WIfTk9bYXn Antarctica - Sorry We're Closed! Our Hidden Flat E WPqYpKtHSm Pro Engineer Explains Problems with the ISS, Satel wS2fIDT3ag Great Lakes Prove Flat Earth wWw_YbCUyI Antarctica - Sorry We're Closed! Our Hidden Flat E WXd1ozz7kr why did NASA erase the original moon landing tapes wy23D_zs97 Why is the Moon upside down in Australia if the Ea XCgfKZdhtO REFLECTION IN ASTRONAUT IPAD, SHOCKING, DEVILISH, xES_6fiU21 Former NASA Scientist Confirms the Flat Earth What XGtAq8nx_R Fake Moon Landing | As Seen On TV | Movies & Telev xnjETxgfpy BitText Archive for NASAtan xoX6V_WxZj This is EXACTLY how NASA fakes everything xU9DU7XQQY FREEMASON CIPHER - Secrecy is a weapon XZB1DnVJKK Flat Earth | Laser Test Proves The Flat Earth - Pa Y2KQi06yaA Buzzfeed is drinking the flat earth antidote YmD2qalvd7 More Air Travel Lies Exposed, they have been hoaxi yyzIQnwlHP Flat Earth Man sings a song to you - Photoshop Car ZCHHJAmQxD GitHub Supports Islamic Clitoris Removal ZfaJ2MAIyA FLAT EARTH, why is there even a debate? ✞ zFnaf2qfn_ Perspective Focus on the Horizon Causes the Sun to zNPOHnkCY7 Flat moon closer than clouds zSeyA4uV4X GRAVITY PROVEN FALSE in 2 minutes! ZZZsmtpX8Q Mythbusters *BUSTED* NASA LIES _hygB2CUcI Whistle Blower CONFIRMS Satellites Are A HOAX!! (G

Jul 4 12:05 [raw]

Looks like the flat earth idiots have an autosend setup for trolling.

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