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Dec 4 16:23

It is. But first - THINK about it. And your own, emotionally driven FRUSTRATION. And what you wish to achieve in communicating this to the community at large. Been there, myself, as a young man. I learned to control instant reaction and harness it, twist it to a more positive purpose. You succeeded - and found a workaround. Got what you wanted, eventually. Thank you for spending the time in the analysis of the keyspace: most sincerely. Its something I've posted about as an ancient cryptographer, analyst and coder all the way back to the earliest public key cryptosystems that were known just after the middle of last century. Perhaps reading some of that traffic on BM inspired you to spend your time in this endeavour. I wish you well with it; study and lookup the published papers in the field for the analysis. Your very best friend is the mark 1 Eyeball! In its simplest form a 2D graph splitting the entire keyspace into x + y - plot your million keys. See any "patterns" ? Millions of years of evolution finding camouflaged predators that may be lurking in the long grass sometimes get it wrong, but rarely miss that important genuine positive. Climb out of your tree with clear purpose and situational awareness. Dont wait until you fall out of it, of get pushed out. If you have a mind that can grasp multidimensions and "shadows" of mutating topologies try plotting beyond 3D. Please understand that this open code has a zillion opportunities to a seasoned attacker that sets out just to disrupt the entire network. Not TLAs - just the usual "useful idiots" that can be manipulated and provoked. THATS why its in there. There are probably MANY other "gamed" situations that a mindful coder who understands the protocol ans network weaknesses has already found in OTHER places. Where are they? Same applies. Get a grip Lad! Alternative approach : A humourous one. Thanking him for the message. Propose an equally humourous approach patch message and "Easter Egg" style code switch if you use a magic parameter.

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