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Jul 13 01:16

Eagleeyehack we are a hacking group , a the product of the coming together of Hackers from various hacking communities and groups , (pentaguard ,CyberBerkut , RedHack , Anonymous ) we have existed for over 12 years our system is a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives. : we have only one contact email :eagleeyehack56@gmail.com we will be happy to have you join over 2000 satisfied clients around the world to use our services. We provide prove of job before payment We offer services like ★ Hacking Whatsapp account giving you access to the person's whatsapp messages and history . ★ Initiating Bank Wire Transfers at a resonable fee and completely untracable . ★ Hacking any smart phone giving you access to all activities on the phone like , text messages , call logs , instant messenger chats and other information. ★ Hacking Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and every other social networking website. ★ Hacking Websites to deface , retrive information, edit information or give you admin access . ★ Hacking into school's websites (server) to change grades without any trace . . ★ Hacking any email service provider like Gmail , Yahoo, Comcast , Aol , Hotmail any others . ★ Hacking and selling credit cards , amazon , walmart , paypal , bank logs . ★ Selling of untracable phones (even the pentagon can not track our phones). . ★ Selling of Botnet , Spywares , RAT , Trojans , Worms and we can make it customize for you. Thank you. EAGLEEYEHACK.

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Jul 27 07:31

I sincerely didn’t like the idea, but this is my way of saying thank you to the Quora user that recommended a hacker ( cyberwebkey484 at gmail dot com ) I hired him for a very private and difficult matter of helping me hack a my spouse’s phone and social networks and some other personal stuffs and he far exceeded my expectations. which Jeremie, helped me get the info(whatsapp, facebook, text messages, call logs etc) faster and cheaper than I had imagined. The first time we spoke, we had a very long phone consultation in he gave me all my options that he could think of to resolve my case, and he even recommended I try other options before hiring him, which shows that he is honest. I decided to hire him and I am glad I did. he is a fantastic investigator and a great person. If you need a professional, reliable and efficient hacker, then you should contact this guy ; Cyberwebkey484 at gmail dot com

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Aug 8 01:59

Do you wonder why cyberwebkey484@GMAIL.COM is the most talked about hacker on this forum? I think it is due to the fact that he offers the best service ever, I mean the best in so many ways, most SKILLFUL, TIMELY, name it, he's got it all. He is a pro hacker with vast experience and knowledge in hacking, he handles all jobs professionally. You might be wondering how I got to know all these, right? There is this popular saying which goes thus "SEEING IS BELIEVING". He recently helped me to hack into my spouse's WATSAPP and all his secrets was exposed. CONTACT HIM: cyberwebkey484@GMAIL.COM Should you have any hacking related problems, i.e hacking into mobile phones, instagram, facebook, gmail, twitter, whatsapp, kik, bank account, iphones, meetme, snapchat, wechat, hike etc.), tracking, cloning ,upgrading result. NOTE:Results and maximum satisfaction is guaranteed if you agree to his terms and follow his instructions, Keep that in mind.

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17 hours ago

If you need help of an ethical hacker to help you know more about your spouse contact jeajamhacker@gmail.com he is reliable he also helped me hack into my spouse phone without physical access to his phone and got me results of his whats-app messages,text messages,call logs,Facebook messages,viber,deleted text messages and many more and it was very clear to me that my husband is a big time cheat thanks to jeajamhacker@gmail.com he is the best

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