James Comey Fired

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May 10 07:38

Julian Assange has made some comments: https://twitter.com/julianassange Anyone want to provide some commentary as to what they think is going on? Surprised we have no insider sources here. As a platform, I imagine BitMessage gives more anonymity than any other.

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May 13 06:22

This is all related to the findings of Oct 27 and how the FBI reacted to them on Oct 28. There are some articles and Wikileaks/julianassange tweets to mention the dates directly. Even the russian blaming was part of the memes they used to described the situation while I was going on and to let others know how all this was going to play out. They also used parts of Vault7 in their posts (for example the emojis included in them) to let others know they had access to it before. To anyone that's interested in learning about what happened at that time and how all of this is related to world events since Oct I suggest you find the old threads (which are on docs.zip and at this point there should be archives of them on a couple of sites) and have someone post their full log of messages here by uploading their messages.dat file in ~/.config/PyBitmessage Risk, the movie shown at film festivals in 2016 is being re-edited to censor all the parts that show Wikileaks, Assange and Appelbaum in favorable light. It also includes a scene where Julian sneaks out of the embassy with a disguise. You can read a review of the movie online and see what scenes used to be in it. Comey getting fired for his actions on Oct 28 confirms that the findings of Oct 27 are very significant.

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May 13 21:05


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Aug 12 20:29

the movie you will see at the cineplex is very different from the Cannes version of the film — which was so favorable toward the WikiLeaks founder https://archive.fo/jV673 Assange complained about the film, Poitras took it away, spent a year re-editing it https://archive.fo/KIYkv something doesn't add up there

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