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Better Than Abortion on Demand: Grilled Fetus on De Man || in$u®Gënti£ë || ▌│█║▌║▌║ Get your skull frisked for free. ║▌║▌║█│▌ Bitmessage broadcast: BM-NBpAvkZ4feycXne5D7ee77YmSAjW8xQc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Better Than Abortion on Demand: Grilled Fetus on De Man ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We've heard the debate for decades. Some say that abortion is a woman's right to choose. I'm not going to argue with this logic. For those favoring eugenics, any woman who desires to kill her offspring should be allowed her right to choose. In this way less children like her will be born. Abortion is a highly dangerous procedure that can permanently scar the loving mother. Botched abortions can prevent future pregnancies. If a randy SJW chick changes up midstream and decides to christen a tissue mass with the title of child, her botched abortion could dash all hopes. Perhaps there is a better solutions. Wild animals will sometimes eat their young if there is stress or resource hardship. A female cat will kill and eat her kittens if one is sick or deformed, or if she is feeling too stressed to be a "mama cat." The pregnancy is stressful and depletes a pussy's strength, so eating the kittens helps her to recoup valuable nutrients lost during the pregnancy. That is a pussy's right to chews. All pussies have this natural "right to chews" her pusslets. "Right to Choose", a tax-exempt NGO, has lobbied for a new right to be added to the woman's right to choose. The woman's right to chews (eat her fetus). The NGO's President is proposing a bill of law to Congress. The law is dubbed, "The Woman's Right to Chews Act." The sub-caption is, "A Woman's right to chews a nutritious fetus in every feminist's pot." The preamble reads: "Rather than risking surgical harm from an abortion procedure encourage expectant aborters to carry the "viable fetal tissue mass" to full term and deliver it as a live birth. Then the "expectant aborter" can immediately grill the viable fetal tissue mass and eat it to recoup her biological, nutritional investment in the pregnancy." "The Grilled Fetus Act gives women not only the right to chews but also the right to recoup their investment in pregnancy. It also generates new economic opportunities for underprivileged women to cash in on sale of fetus as a delicacy. Only patriarchial white, male Nazis would oppose this act." If pro-abortion feminists would put their money where their mouth is...

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