Why [chan] |+| safehouse |+| ?
May 9 03:02 [raw]

I opened up a Bitmessage safe-house channel. Why [chan] |+| safehouse |+| ? I posted this chan to mirror something I'm doing in real life: building a real safe-house. If I can find enough kindred spirits we will make a safe-house network. By "safe-house" I mean a real, honest-to-goodness safe-house--a common ground for people to hide out from the hustle and bustle of their normal life. I do not mean a safe-house for spooks or spies, or gangsters. This safe-house is for normal, intelligent, rational, polite people. The target demographic is people who want a secret, safe place they can quickly retreat to in stressful times or in the rare event they may actually be in danger. My current safe-house lay in a rural location. It will be a great hideout with a couple of added mobile camper trailers. I bought another location that currently has no structure. There I will build another safe-house. I regularly scan real estate listings for a third chunk of real estate. The third location will be purchased by a nominee without my name going into the property records. This way I can hide out there from the ex-girlfriend, bill collectors, and Bubba. For the safe-house and network concept to function we would require a brotherhood. This brotherhood must establish and enforce agreed rules and values. All safe-houses would be privately owned. Private ownership would prevent leftist, or hippie, cult-like domination where you get thrown off the property you bought. The Brotherhood would hold quarterly meetings to establish and maintain codes of conduct and discipline for breaches. Flagrant violation of the codes of conduct would mean discipline, up to banishment from the brotherhood. Any jackass would find himself with no more cool crash pads or vacation spots. Of course the idea of accountability and mutual respect rules out crypto-anarchists, sodomy activists, leftists, insurrectionists, cops, pedos, and other assorted people who don't respect the dignity, space and property of others. What's left is high functioning, moral, truthful, highly-intelligent people. The Brotherhood would strive to attract people who like to make new friends and enjoy the idea of good laws benefiting all participants. Such a brotherhood would ensure that even in strange places there will be a stranger there who will treat you like a brother or sister. Under the safe-house concept everyone in the network will maintain a guest house, bunkhouse, or a trailer on their property so they can admit brothers into their personal domain on short notice. There would be an actual enlistment process. Swearing of oaths and non-disclosure agreements would preserve respect and honor for each other. This would be a boon to activists and independent journalists (especially crypto and privacy activists) who want to get together to collaborate on projects. The brotherhood would carve out a niche with a high level of trust. There is no better level of trust than eyeball-to-eyeball with each other's friends and family. Business deals and startups could grow out of such a brotherhood. Undoubtedly the brotherhood would fail if it admitted militant, leftists or immoral people that poison the well. Such low-functioning people hijack and destroy every good thing to bring everyone and everything down to their immoral level. They will betray confidence the moment you disagree with their insane notions. They will attack your family. They will create false rumors and slanders to bring down the brotherhood. The brotherhood would need strict rules and a very stringent vetting process to keep such rabble from infiltrating and wrecking a good thing. Think about the Elks Lodge system. It is a brotherhood that centers mostly around drinking beer. It has remained active for a long time. Imagine a brotherhood centered around things more important than bar room gossip. Imagine the friendships and dreams such a brotherhood could cultivate. I said the brotherhood will need laws and discipline to protect itself from corruption. The first law of the brotherhood: No liars. Not ever. Anyone who lies to the brotherhood would be permanently expelled. The brotherhood would publish the excommunication and the reasons for it. That is the most important law to prevent corruption: banishment of liars, because all corruption depends upon the cloak of deception. Deceivers would find no quarter in a well-regulated brotherhood. Here is a sample list of rules that would serve to weed out the troublemakers, users, and creeps. Rule #1: No liars. Rule #2: No druggies. Rule #3: No whores or whore-mongers. Rule #4: No leftists. Rule #5: No thieves. Rule #6: No neo-Nazis. Rule #7: No journalists except independent journalists who sign privacy and non-disclosure contracts. Rule #8: No member of any secret society of any kind: no bikers, no Freemasons, etc. Rule #9: No pedophiles. There is no such thing as a repentant child molester. On case of sexual abuse would be trumpeted by media savages to damage the reputation of every innocent person in the brotherhood. Are there enough moral and enlightened people in the world to build such a society? The concept of communion, of sharing the tent and the food, is what brought ancient tribes together and gave them mutual comfort and protection. In our atomistic and profane commercial world where money is king, perhaps a new king of brotherhood could rise up to challenge the king of mammon. Perhaps people could learn to be united by their common humanity instead of the profit motive. = zaeon =

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