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CRYPTOLD - ANCIENT CRYPTO == Ancient Cryptography Broadcast == # broadcast: + BM-NB3h2NhNWxtQ3i4KuDWFLjD4E9NBuPx1 # channel: + [chan] cryptold <BM-2cXtoC5KQ9CbU5hHUFXuXLMiVQdHASd9WY> Cryptography was in use much earlier than college-educated cryptographers know. The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known book, uses cryptography. The epic's symbols are just that--symbols--that hide real knowledge in myth. Myriad ancient religious texts use cryptography. The books of Genesis and Revelation of John the Divine are cryptographic works with a high degree of complexity in the code. Revelation and Genesis, two books separated by about 2500 years time, employ the same symbols, numbers, and fractal code. I have cracked the code of these ancient texts. They use a standard code ubiquitously. This suggests that a hidden society with hidden knowledge has remained and operated through all cultures from Sumer to America. Most extant works on bible codes are infantile and superstitious rubbish. There are real bible codes but they are nothing like that touted by conspiracy peddlers. The real bible codes are elegant, unmistakable and easily provable. There is no conjecture or guesswork. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. Many skeptics of religion dismiss the holy writ as religious fable. This is because the skeptics lack understanding and assume for themselves a degree of knowledge in which they are actually deficient. They are blind yet consider themselves the spark of vision. Men wiser than the skeptics penned those works using a code to hide their true meaning from the arrogant. We can say that cryptography is the oldest science, older than the astronomy of the skeptics and big bangers. From Gilgamesh to Adam to Yima to Jesus to the Ragnarok, the same code, employed in a multitude of languages, renders the same meanings or ciphertext regardless of the language, culture, or age of the writing. This lack of understanding is the cause of religions, factions, and illogical belief systems. Without knowing this code understanding of holy writ is impossible. I will reveal some of this ancient cryptography via Bitmessage because this software platform is the modern quintessence of communicating secrets. What better way to reveal ancient secrets than over a secrecy channel? Ancient Cryptography Broadcast BM-NB3h2NhNWxtQ3i4KuDWFLjD4E9NBuPx1

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