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Spaceflight Update - March 14, 2018
Mar 14 13:10 [raw]

It's been a long time since the last broadcast. Here is a minor update with some recent spaceflight news. Picture released of Blue Origin's BE-4 engine, which is currently under development. The BE-4 engine will be used on the New Glenn rocket and will most likely replace the russian RD-180 engines on ULA's upcoming Vulcan rocket. Rocket Porn: Here is an animated image of the March 1st NASA GOES-S launch, the business end of a ULA Atlas-V 541 rocket. More pictures here: NASA's JUNO probe is still beaming back amazing pictures and science from Jupiter orbit. Here are some recent images of extreme storms near Jupiter's poles: That's all for now, more to come hopefully soon. Upcoming launches: March 20: Long March 2D(China) March 21: Soyuz-FG(Russia) March 21: Ariane 5(France/ESA) March 28: Soyuz-2-1v(Russia) March 29: GSLV Mk II(India) March 29: Falcon 9 block 4(USA) --This message was sent Wednesday, March 14 at 1301 UTC. Subscribe for more Spaceflight and Astronomy news: Spaceflight Broadcast BM-2cUYjcY2YLnRghFW1ZtxZUTQ4u1SGcTvcQ [chan] space BM-2cVcHu1NLBud6UFJ8NHtCWWNSsxj5z8SMe

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