is that right??
May 2 07:49 [raw]

user@host:~/PyBitmessage/src$ ./ -d & [1] 1873 Loading existing config files from /home/me/.config/PyBitmessage/ Using default logger configuration Running as a daemon. Send TERM signal to end. [1]+ Terminated ./ -d ________ is that right? I think it shouldn't terminate.. or what?

XMPP Server
Apr 20 03:36 [raw]

<center> <a href=> <h1></h1> </a> This is a Free Public XMPP/Jabber Server <br> You can register using your favorite XMPP/Jabber client (i.e: Gajim, Conversations ) <br> <br> Current Registration Status: <b style="color:green;"> OPEN </b> <br> <br> Please consider Donating so the service can remain alive <br> <br> BTC : 1Ds8sHUanNN5dEaTUDCWD76TBz2TVxKFU4 </center>

Mar 18 14:46 [raw]

I've just bought a new domain for my Blog Thanks ;)