Add channel

To add a new channel, simply send a message to find-new-chan BM-2cUzsvYoNbKNNuDnJtdPVS2pbSHzNJyqdD. Write the channel name and the channel address in the subject.


[chan] privacy BM-2cUJvFYHhXpBHyd96KHfjxsgTYi44BajdE
[chan] leaks BM-2cXcBumwxGeLQr7FKRGHioVpM3KZz7wfbv

You can write anything you like in the message body. A description of your new channel is always nice!

Your new channel may be used right away, but it takes up to an hour before messages appear on BeamStat. Old messages will automatically be found.

Channel names with special characters may not work correctly. In particular the characters #/&=%?\+